Phonological Codes




Most of the planned statistical computations required phonological representations for all orthographic entries occurring on the word list. Because MANULEX does not provide such information, phonological codes were added to the database. Some of them were imported from two computerized French lexical databases, BRULEX (Content et al., 1990), and LEXIQUE (New et al., 2004) (for previous phonetic corrections to the LEXIQUE database, see also Peereman & Dufour, 2003) after conversion to a common phonetic symbol system that was suitable for computation. Some of the phonetic transcriptions were corrected in accordance with the standard French pronunciation listed in the French dictionary Le Petit Robert (CD-Rom Version 2.2). Phonetic codes corresponding to words not found in the computerized lexical databases, including those for proper names, were input manually. Phonological representations are based on 16 vowels, 3 glides, and 18 consonants.