Melanie Mitchell Seminar thursday, december 9, 2010 at 10:00am Room "salle du Conseil", building "Droit-Lettres"

Published: 29 nov. 10, 15:14 in Seminars.

Melanie Mitchell (Pr, Portland State University and Santa Fe Institute) will present her work on "Analogy-Making as Perception".

She will give her presentation on thursday, december 9th at 10:00am, room "salle du Conseil", building "Droit-Lettres".


Melanie Mitchell (Pr, Portland State University and Santa Fe Institute)

"Analogy-Making as Perception"

In this talk I will describe "Copycat", a computer program developed by myself and Douglas Hofstadter, which models the mental mechanisms underlying "high-level perception" and analogy-making.
Copycat creates analogies between idealized situations involving strings of letters. Analogy-making in this stripped-down, seemingly simple domain requires many of the same abilities humans use to understand and to make analogies between more complex, real-world situations.
Copycat's architecture is neither symbolic nor connectionist, but occupies an unique intermediate level in the spectrum of cognitive models. The claim of our model is that this level is at present the most appropriate one for understanding human concepts and analogy-making.
I will conclude the talk with a discussion of my current research on applying these ideas to the domain of image understanding.

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