Robin Morris - thursday january 17th 2013 at 10:30am - room R01 Pôle AAFE

Published: 10 janv. 13, 09:34 in Seminars.


Professor Robin, King’s College Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK
Implicit Awareness in Alzheimer’s Disease

Clinical observation suggests that people with early Alzheimer’s disease often show behavioral indications that there are more aware of the effects of their condition than indicated by their verbally expressed awareness. The talk describes how this has been studied experimentally through the use of different procedures, including an adapted Emotional Stroop paradigm, exploring emotional reactivity to failure on tasks specifically designed to equate the degree of failure with control participants, and responses to vignettes describing other people with dementia. The implications of these findings for how we conduct the clinical management of patients and develop treatment approaches will be discussed.

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