Perplexus Project Modeling Framework


Conference Proceedings


Brousse, O., Sassatelli, G., Gil, T., Robert, M., Torres, L., Sanchez, E., Moreno, J. M., Villa, A., Volken, H., Napieralski, A., Mondada, F.




Perplexus Project Modeling Framework

Journal / book / conference

ICESCA 08, Tunis


Life shows impressive capabilities : evolution, adaptability, self development/self repair, fault tolerance. Such behaviours are complex and simulating them requires an important amount of processing power. Learning from the European POEtic project, this paper firstly introduces the Perplexus Project which aims at creating a scalable, distributed and pervasive module based platform. Modules embeds a bio-inspired chip to efficiently simulate these complex phenomena and study emergent behaviours. Secondly, It focuses on the proposed Modeling Framework we developed. This framework enables the use this \textquotedblleft embedded module based platform\textquotedblright\ and the Hardware/Software bio-inspired features of this unique platform.

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