Noé Monsaigeon

Post-doctorant – Contract

  • +33 (0)3 80 39 57 72
  • Room #326

Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Institut Marey - I3M
64 rue de Sully
21000 Dijon


Cognitive psychology and ergonomics

Research topics

Applied cognitive psychology

Experimental approach to the study of human cognition. Application of the scientific method to dynamic problems (e.g. evaluating the effectiveness of an interface in directing attention during driving).

Study of attention and memory

Work on the orientation of attention in dynamic contexts (e.g. driving). Also focused on long-term memory and learning.

Cognitive ergonomics and human-machine interfaces

Study interaction with machines and automated systems. Evaluation of the usefulness, usability and acceptability of interfaces and new technologies (e.g. automated driving, virtual reality learning).


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  • Monsaingeon, N., Caroux, L., Langlois, S., & Lemercier, C. (2023). Multimodal interface and reliability displays: Effect on attention, mode awareness, and trust in partially automated. Frontiers in psychology. More ›
  • Monsaingeon, N., Carli, Y., Caroux, L., Langlois, S., & Lemercier, C. (2021). Indicating the limits of partially automated vehicles with drivers’ peripheral vision. 12th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics - AHFE 2021. More ›
  • Monsaingeon, N., Caroux, L., Mouginé, A., Langlois, S., & Lemercier, C. (2021). Impact of interface design on drivers’ behavior in partially automated cars: An on-road study. Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour. More ›
  • Monsaingeon, N., Caroux, L., Langlois, S., Hurgobin, Y., & Lemercier, C. (2020). Driver compliance with automation reliability information regarding hazardous environmental circumstances. Le travail humain. More ›
  • Fanuel, L., Plancher, G., Monsaingeon, N., Tillmann, B., & Portrat, S. (2018). Temporal dynamics of maintenance in young and old adults. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. More ›