Third International Conference on Analogy - Dijon, France: August 6-8, 2013

Published: 17 juin 13, 16:42 in Conferences.

The Third International Conference on Analogy ( will be held in Dijon (LEAD laboratory, CNRS UMR 5022), France, the heart of the Burgundy wine country. The first two analogy conferences took place in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1999 and 2009. 

This workshop will be organized around a series of symposia. Rather than the typical workshop/conference that consists of a series of research presentations, we want to maximize discussion around certain questions that will constitute the topics of each symposium. 

There will be a series of nine symposia and one (or, possibly, two) poster sessions over two and a half days. The themes of these symposia, as well as their organizers, are indicated below. A half day will be set aside for cultural events. 

This format means that there will be no oral presentation of individual papers and no proceedings. 

The official language of the conference is English.

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