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Françoise Rochette Thesis defenses, Friday, October 26 at 15:00 pm, Room Conseil de Lettres (Droit-Lettres building)

"Entraînement auditif et musical chez les enfants sourds profonds: Effets sur la perception auditive et Effets de transfert"

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Chris Moulin - thursday october 18th 2012 at 10:30am- room 204 Pôle AAFE

Chris Moulin MCF Chaire d’Excellence, LEAD UMR 5022Université de Bourgogne « Self processes in cognition: Insights from Neuropsychology »The self has typically been seen as one of the less tangible, complex concepts in psychology. Recently, however, it has been researched with reference to cognitive processes, [...]

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Mark Muthalib Seminar - thursday september 6th 2012 - room 101 Pôle AAFE

Dr Mark Muthalib Movement to Health (M2H) Laboratory Montpellier-1 University Laura Ferreri Doctorante LEAD UMR 5022, Université de Bourgogne « Présentation de la Spectroscopie Proche Infrarouge (NIRS) » Nous vous proposons un séminaire pour mieux comprendre ce que nous avons fait jusqu’à maintenant avec la [...]

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Simon Thorpe Seminar, Thursday June 7th 2012 at 16:00 pm, room 101 Pôle AAFE

Simon THORPEDR CNRS au CERCO Université de Toulouse« Grandmother Cells, Neocortical Dark Matter and the puzzle of extremely long-term memories»We appear to be able to recognize visual and auditory stimuli that we have not experienced for decades. How can the brain store memories for such [...]

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Aline Moussard Thesis defenses Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 16:00 pm Amphithéâtre Eisher (Pôle AAFE, Université de Bourgogne)

"L'utilisation de la musique comme support de nouveaux apprentissages dans le vieillissement normal et la maladie d'Alzheimer"

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Philippe Schyns Seminar, Friday May 25th 2012 at 10:30 am, room 101 Pôle AAFE

Philippe Schyns Professeur Department of Psychology University of Glasgow « Dynamic brain coding of facial expressions of emotion and cultural influences on their representations » In the first part of the talk, we will present data refuting the Ekman's prevalent idea that all humans communicate [...]

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Major publication, Dusting Off the Turing Test.

French, R. M.  (2012). Dusting Off the Turing Test.  Science ,  336 (6078), 164-165.  More ›

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Major publication, TRACX: A Recognition-Based Connectionist Framework for Sequence Segmentation and Chunk Extraction.

French, R. M. , Addyman, C., & Mareschal, D. (2011). TRACX: A Recognition-Based Connectionist Framework for Sequence Segmentation and Chunk Extraction.  Psychological Review ,  118 (4), 614-636.  More ›

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Kazuo Okanoya Seminar, Thursday April 12th 2012 at 14:30am, room 204 Pôle AAFE

Biological/psychological understanding of animal communication  including birdsong, human language and rodent vocalizations.

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Laurent Bergerot Seminar, Thursday March 29th 2012 at 10:30 am, room 101 Pôle AAFE

Laurent BERGEROT Ingénieur d’Etudes CNRS LEAD Université de Bourgogne « Nouvelles interfaces pour l'étude en psychologie cognitive : Caméra Kinect et tablettes Androïd » Depuis quelques années, de nouvelles technologies d'interaction homme/machine à bas coût sont apparues. A vocation commerciale au départ, ces outils peuvent [...]

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