Clémence Bonnet

  • +33 (0)3 80 39 57 72
  • Room #326

Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté
Institut Marey - I3M
64 rue de Sully


Cognitives neurosciences


Curriculum Vitae

2022 - ... : Postdoctoral researcher - UMR CNRS 5022, LEAD, Dijon, France

2022 : Ph.D. Université de Bourgogne Franche-Comté - INSERM UMR1093, CAPS, Dijon, France - Comity: Isabelle OLIVIER, Laure PISELLA, Stéphanie CLARKE, Bénédicte POULIN-CHARRONNAT, Fabrice SARLEGNA et Carine MICHEL


Research topics

- Prism adaptation

- Sensorimotor plasticity

- Auditory perception

- Attention



  • Bonnet, C., Poulin-Charronnat, B., Ardonceau, V., Sirandré, C., Bard, P., & Michel, C. (In Press). Visuomanual vertical prism adaptation: Aftereffects on visuospatial and auditory frequency representations. Frontiers in Psychology. More ›
  • Bonnet, C., Poulin-Charronnat, B., Vinot, C., Bard, P., Michel, C. (2022). Cross-Modal Aftereffects of Visuo-Manual Prism Adaptation: Transfer to Auditory Divided Attention in Healthy Subjects. Neuropsychology, 36(1), 64-74. More ›
  • Bonnet, C., Poulin-Charronnat, B., Bard, P., Michel, C. (2021). Modifying auditory perception with prisms? Aftereffects of prism adaptation on a wide auditory spectrum in musicians and nonmusicians. Acta Psychologica. More ›
  • Michel, C., Bonnet, C., Podor, B., Bard, P., Poulin-Charronnat, B. (2019). Wearing prisms to hear differently: After-effects of prism adaptation on auditory perception. Cortex. More ›