Topo-analyse de la musique mixte


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Lalitte P.




Topo-analyse de la musique mixte

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Analyser la musique mixte


The purpose of this article is to pursue a semiotic approach to mixed music already outlined in some writings. After having developed a theoretical model capable of synthesizing the possible concert apparatus and defining the functions of the various protagonists, this article attempts, on the one hand, to establish a typology of the main relational strategies between instrumental and electronics observed in the repertoire and, on the other hand, to develop an analysis method using the topics. Relational strategies are approached with the concept of topic, defined as an imaginary place to articulate potential contents and unify them within an identifiable theme. In the repertoire of mixed music, we have been able to identify twelve categories of topic that reflect the different relational strategies between instrumental and electronics. We have grouped them into three main classes: communication relations (Inexistence, Coexistence, Dialogue, and Confrontation), identity relations (Fusion, Hybridization, Double, and Parangon) and complementary relations (Aura, Densification, Extension, and Interaction). Based on the analysis of Metallics by Yan Maresz, we offer a new method – called topo-analysis – allowing to determine the topics used in a mixed music piece and to bring out a scenario (a formal schema) synthesizing these relationships between instrumental and electronics in a work. In the case of Metallics, we obtained a scenario divided into five parts, each dominated by a topical: 1) Double (sequences 1-12), 2) Aura (seq. 13-20), 3) Inexistence (seq. 21), 4) Dialogue (seq. 22-28), 5) Coexistence (seq. 229-31). The process of progressively distorting the sound image of the trumpet by using mute and increasingly noisy playing modes is reinforced by a process of progressive dislocation of the links between the instrument and electronics.



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