Analysis of HMAX Algorithm on Black Bar Image Dataset


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Carlini, A., Boisard, O., Paindavoine, M.




Analysis of HMAX Algorithm on Black Bar Image Dataset

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An accurate detection and classification of scenes and objects is essential for interacting with the world, both for living beings and for artificial systems. To reproduce this ability, which is so effective in the animal world, numerous computational models have been proposed, frequently based on bioinspired, computational structures. Among these, Hierarchical Max-pooling (HMAX) is probably one of the most important models. HMAX is a recognition model, mimicking the structures and functions of the primate visual cortex. HMAX has already proven its effectiveness and versatility. Nevertheless, its computational structure presents some criticalities, whose impact on the results has never been systematically assessed. Traditional assessments based on photographs force to choose a specific context; the complexity of images makes it difficult to analyze the computational structure. Here we present a new, general and unspecific assessment of HMAX, introducing the Black Bar Image Dataset, a customizable set of images created to be a universal and flexible model of any ‘real’ image. Results: surprisingly, HMAX demonstrates a notable sensitivity also with a low contrast of luminance. Images containing a wider information pattern enhance the performances. The presence of textures improves performance, but only if the parameterization of the Gabor filter allows its correct encoding. In addition, in complex conditions, HMAX demonstrates good effectiveness in classification. Moreover, the present assessment demonstrates the benefits offered by the Black Bar Image Dataset, its modularity and scalability, for the functional investigations of any computational models






HMAX, computational model, Black Bar Image Dataset, BBID, recognition, image classification, texture classification

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  • DOI: 10.3390/electronics9040567

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