Tactile aesthetics : textures that we like or hate to touch


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Faucheu, J., Weiland, B., Juganaru, M., Witt, A., Cornuault,P.-H.




Tactile aesthetics : textures that we like or hate to touch

Journal / Livre / Conférence

Acta Psychologica


Considering object identification and recognition as well as human interaction with objects, texture as a surface property plays a crucial role. A deeper understanding of tactile aesthetics can be useful in the applied field such as in product designs that appeal more to our senses and that are more effective in eliciting certain emotional responses from a potential consumer. In the present study, behavioral experiments were performed using unfamiliar custom-made dot pattern stimuli under two complementary questionings. The first question focused on the tactile perceptive attributes related to topographical characteristics of the textures exhibited by the material surfaces. The second question focused on the texture pleasantness related both to the perceptive attributes and to the topographical characteristics of the textures. The perspective of this work opens on complementary fields of research such as neurosciences to determine the brain mechanisms in the processing of the pleasantness of tactile stimuli.


tactile perception; hedonic perception; textured surfaces

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